Are you planning a private celebration, a one-of-a-kind engagement party, a casual work outing or a corporate function? Let the events team at Alex & Co. make it just that bit more special. We make it our business to create a memorable event for you and your guests. 


Planning An Event?

This  is a love letter to you for bringing us together... Only in a city as is this could we bring to life our cultured, creative & exciting vision.

Just like you, we work hard - & deserve to play hard! So, we hope you’ll agree that with YOU in mind, the space we've created paired with what we know best –  great music, mouth-watering foods, irresistible drinks & incomparable hospitality - Alex & Co. will make you feel like you've finally found the playground you've been searching for!

People keep asking who we are and where our name & theming came from. Well, here it is – during a recent inspiration trip through downtown New York, we noticed "& Co." on many of the vintage buildings & factories where you just FEEL amazing teams & families worked together, for decades, creating legacies.. We embrace that feeling & beauty of what it stands for and added it to my name .. When we look at our brand, it represents not only our work team, but you- who we dream will become part of the Alex & Co. legacy.

Our space is open-planned, spreading from the inside out, where we cater to all aspects of our day - the cafe/coffee lunch/dining areas, fully stocked bar & of course our booths, dance floor and outdoor areas where you can catch the river breeze. All areas can be sectioned off and are easily interchangeable for special functions & corporate bookings.

We’re organic in our approach and our delivery. Our team’s background is complex and while we hail from some of the finest dining establishments in Australia, we wanted to bring all our strengths to YOU, where we believe we can all enjoy together!

Our menu is sourced from Australian Local Farms, Pacific Ocean fishing boats, country fields and the wondrous meanderings of spirited travellers with passionate palates. From our full-bodied espressos to our seafood delicacies, roasted meats & unique cocktails.. this ever-evolving menu is put together FOR YOU!

We look forward to welcoming you into our home, starting & ending the day with you, sharing your intimate dinners, your special functions and events & connecting with you soon!

ALEX&Co. .. Built for you, by you..