Top 10 Must-Try Parramatta Food Places

Foodies looking for their next culinary adventure need look no further than Parramatta! This Sydney suburb is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, making it a food lover’s paradise. But with so many different restaurants to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. So that’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 must-try Parramatta food places to help you start your exploration of the exciting food scene in Parramatta!


The Best Parramatta Food Places



Located in Church street Parramatta, otherwise known as the infamous eat street, Alex&Co has made a name for itself as the premier restaurant and bar for delicious food and cocktails. A gem of Western Sydney, this trendy cosmopolitan restaurant has also gained widespread popularity for its fun and vibrant atmosphere. Those looking for a casual brunch, business lunch, or a memorable dinner choose Alex&Co as their top choice to eat and drink offering a diverse and elevated dining experience.

Entering the establishment, you’re met with a chic and spacious dining area blending sleek decor, comfortable seating, and atmospheric lighting. The atmosphere is further enhanced by weekly Brazilian dance and Arabian belly dance dinner shows to make for the perfect night of enjoying a meal with friends, colleagues, or loved ones.

Menu wise, Alex&Co is a fusion of international flavours. The talented chefs have crafted a diverse menu that showcase a range of dishes to cater to different tastes, from mouthwatering burgers to authentic Italian pizzas. Must try dishes include their classic pepperoni pizza, signature ribs, and spaghetti marinara, all paired with one of their signature cocktails.


Pho Pasteur

Known for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Pho Pasteur serves delicious and traditional dishes that showcase classic flavours of the region. Stepping in, you’ll find a relaxed and no frills space with traditional Vietnamese touches, such as bamboo accents and Vietnamese artwork. The star of the menu at Pho Pasteur is, of course, their pho, made from scratch by simmering aromatic broth for hours on end.



Next up on our list of best Parramatta food places is Temasek. Established in 1992 and specialising in Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine, Temasek has become one of the top restaurants in the Parramatta area serving tasty and authentic cuisine. With a warm and cozy atmosphere, Temasek immerses you in the vibrant flavours and diverse culinary traditions of Southeast Asia.

From aromatic curries and fragrant rice dishes to savory noodle stir-fries and delectable seafood specialties, the menu at Temasek offers options to suit every palate. Highlights that we recommend include the Chicken and Prawn Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Beef Rendang, and a side dish of Roti Canai.


1915 Lanzhou Beef Noodles

Another heavy hitter on our list of top Parramatta food places is 1915 Lanzhou Beef Noodles, more commonly referred to simply as 1915. With culinary roots from the North-central province of Gansu in China, 1915 is renowned for its authentic and flavoursome Lanzhou-style beef noodles.

The interior of the restaurant is minimalistic and contemporary, making for a casual and inviting atmosphere perfect for enjoying a bowl of noodles. With a menu revolving their signature beef noodles and other hand-pulled noodle dishes, 1915 will satisfy your noodle cravings or need for a cheap eat.


Copper Handi Parramatta

Copper Handi Parramatta is a popular Indian restaurant, specialising in North Indian and Mughlai (Central asian and Persian influenced) cuisine. Tastefully decorated with a combination of modern elements and traditional Indian accents, this restaurant has cozy seating and dim lighting for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Make sure you try their butter chicken, biryani and tandoori platter with a garlic naan side dish.


Fish Bowl

The first of our fast food oriented choices in our list of Parramatta food places is Fish Bowl. Located just outside of the train station in Parramatta square, Fish Bowl serves up fresh and healthy Hawaiian inspired poke bowls in a compact yet welcoming and contemporary restaurant. We recommend ordering The O.G. with sashimi salmon and sushi rice,  or to build your own poke bowl with custom choices.


Guzman Y Gomez

With multiple locations across Sydney, Guzman Y Gomez has one of it’s restaurant located in Parramatta too. Offering fresh and vibrant Mexican cuisine in a fast food setting, you’ll find everything from burritos and tacos to nachos and quesadillas. Heading into their restaurant, you’ll also see colourful Mexican decor and an open kitchen, which makes for an energetic and authentic ambiance. Try out their burrito with slow cooked beef as the best option.



Another notable entry for our list of the best Parramatta food places is Nando’s. A well established chain of Portuguese style chicken, Nando’s offers flame grilled chicken with Peri Peri marinade and tasty sauces. A slightly more upscale fast food restaurant, they feature an interior with bright and colorful decor, creating a lively ambiance. We recommend their chicken with hot basting.



Located in both of the Westfield food courts, McDonalds can only be described as THE staple fast food choice for Australians everywhere, especially those overwhelmed by choices. As you would expect, McDonalds has consistent food that you simply can’t go wrong with. Although the Big Mac is the number one classic, we recommend the McFeast and the McSpicy.



Another reliable choice, KFC makes it onto our list for top Parramatta food places for its ability to satisfy cravings and for it’s familiarity. One of their better locations in Sydney, the Parramatta branches are located on both of the food courts in Westfield. Our recommendations are the hot and crispy chicken and the legendary zinger box.


Visit These Parramatta Food Places Today!

So there you have it, all of the best Parramatta food places to eat at. Ranging from more elevated choices like Alex&Co, to more classic choices like McDonalds, Parramatta has everything you could ever want. Here at Alex&Co, we’ve also created a dining experience that everyone can enjoy, with a lively atmosphere, dinner entertainment and a menu that pleases all. Head over to our website to book your table or walk in through our doors for a meal like no else today!

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