The Best Birthday Party Restaurant Ideas

Planning out a birthday party can be a stressful and tedious process. It’s also easy to get stuck on what the right restaurant for your birthday party should be. But don’t worry, because in this article we go over everything you need to know about choosing the right birthday party restaurant and give you some ideas. Read on!


Tips for Planning Your Birthday Party at a Restaurant

Before we get into what the best birthday party restaurant ideas are, here are a few tips to make the birthday party perfect:


Plan Early

Our number one tip when booking a birthday party venue is to start with your plans early. This is because popular and high demand restaurants get booked up quickly. And this is especially true for private dining rooms or birthday packages. Booking a restaurant at the last minute can not only be stressful, but leave you with limited options with where to go and what type of seating is available.


Choose a Restaurant That Fits You and Your Guests

The next biggest tip after planning your birthday restaurant early is to choose the right restaurant. Here’s what you need to consider when making your decision:


The Menu

The biggest part of your experience at a restaurant is the food. That’s why it’s important to check out a restaurant’s menu to see what their food and drink options are. Has there been a certain dish or cuisine that you’ve been craving but haven’t had the chance to try yet? Your birthday is a great excuse to go and try something new and also share that experience with your birthday party guests.

And when looking at menus, have your guests in mind too. What kind of food do they like, what are their dietary requirements, do you want to introduce them to new food etc. Not only do you want to enjoy your birthday celebrations, but so do your guests, and having food they like or can eat is another key thing to consider. When you’re unsure of what food your guests like, it’s great to simply ask them!


Your Budget

Another important factor to choosing the right restaurant to have your birthday party in is your budget. It’s understandable to want to go to a restaurant that is more expensive for your birthday, but keep in mind that it shouldn’t put you under major financial stress. Start by considering the maximum amount you are willing to spend, and then consider how many people will be at your party.


The Atmosphere

Do you want to have your birthday party at a relaxed and casual restaurant, or do you want something more special? Your birthday only happens once a year, so we recommend going somewhere that has a better atmosphere compared to your run of the mill restaurant that you eat at all the time. This can also depend on your budget, but there are options for restaurants with a great atmosphere but aren’t expensive.


Where it’s Located

Is there a specific place you had in mind to celebrate your restaurant? Choosing a restaurant that’s hard to get for you and your guests is not something we recommend. Making it hard to get to your destination makes it a hassle and some of your guests may not be able to make it to your party as a result.


Tell the Restaurant that Your Booking is for a Birthday

Many restaurants are able to cater for birthday parties, with special birthday packages or activities. This includes birthday cakes, custom decorations, or even private rooms for you and your guests to celebrate in a more intimate setting. And if you’ve got a special birthday cake, you can even request the restaurant to store it until you’re ready to bring it out and cut it.


The Best Birthday Party Restaurant Ideas

Now that you know what to keep in mind when choosing your birthday party restaurant, let’s get into our top picks:



Coming in at number one, our top pick for a birthday party restaurant is none other than Alex&Co. This restaurant has an elegant atmosphere that is elevated yet fun at the same time, with room for up to 300 guests. Turning to the menu, you’ll find a variety of dishes that take inspiration from all over the world at prices that won’t break the bank. Delicious and authentic Italian pizzas, pastas, tasty burgers, and even shish plates are some of the highlights.


It also has a cocktail bar where you can choose from creative cocktails made by expert bartenders. Guests that fancy a fine wine or a cold glass of beer are also catered to with great choices. And for those who aren’t into alcohol, they also have an extensive list of mocktails and other drinks to quench the thirst of you and your guests. You then have the option of going from your tables to the bar area and watch the masters at work making your cocktails.


This restaurant is located in the heart of Parramatta, on the infamous stretch of road known as “Eat Street”. There’s lots to see and do around the area before and after you’re done eating and drinking at Alex&Co, which makes booking this restaurant a great option as part of a full day of birthday celebrations. The restaurant and bar has regular events every week to check out too, and getting there is easy with bus stops and car parks nearby.


Spice World

In the mood for something with some serious kick to it? Why not try some Chinese hot pot? Not only is the food delicious and flavoured using a variety of spices, but this restaurant also has an amazing atmosphere with decor to transport you into another world. What’s more is that you can get a taste of what’s in store for the future of restaurants with their robot hosts serving you your orders.


Restaurant Hubert

Good French restaurants are a rarity in Sydney, but Restaurant Hubert is one of them. Here, you and your birthday party guests can enjoy classic French dishes like escargot and confit duck surrounded by vintage French decor. They also have live music playing 6 days a week, adding to the very French atmosphere.


Book Your Birthday Party Restaurant Today!

Now that you know the top tips and the best birthday party restaurants in Sydney, it’s time for you to book it in. Don’t leave it until it’s too late and head over to the Alex&Co website today for the perfect birthday event. We cater to a wide range of requests, so get in touch with us now and get your birthday party restaurant plans sorted!

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