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Brazilian Dance

Day: Every Wednesdays

Shake off the monotony of midweek routines and add excitement into your Wednesday evenings with a captivating dining and drinking experience at our restaurant and bar. As the week hits its stride, we invite you for an evening of lively entertainment that will leave you invigorated and uplifted.


Every Wednesday, the atmosphere at our establishment transforms as Brazilian dancers take over. Dressed in their vibrant and elaborate traditional costumes, these dancers infuse the evening with a burst of colour and life. Their performances are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Brazil, an embodiment of spirit and energy. As the exciting beats of Brazilian music tango through the air, these skilled dancers move with grace and agility, transporting you to the heart of Brazil's festive celebrations.


Immerse yourself in the spectacle as you feast on our diverse menu offerings, each bite a compliment to the captivating dance performances. From delightful pasta dishes that transport you to the streets of Italy to mouthwatering burgers that are a symphony of flavours, our expertly made dishes ensure that your taste buds are as engaged as your senses.


But the magic doesn't stop there, because you also have the unique opportunity to become a part of the spectacle. Join in the rhythm, let the music guide your movements, and experience the joy of dancing in the midst of the vibrant energy alongside the Brazilian dancers. It's not just a performance; it's an invitation to connect with the rhythm of life itself.


As the night unfolds, you'll find yourself shedding the midweek blues and embracing the contagious enthusiasm that Wednesday evenings at Alex&Co offer. The combination of delicious cuisine, exhilarating dance, and the camaraderie of fellow patrons creates an atmosphere that's truly extraordinary. So, come join us every Wednesday night at Parramatta, and let the spirited Brazilian dancers and the dynamic ambience lift your evening with joy, making the middle of the week a time for celebration.


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